Experiment Touching the Universe

Stratocaching is a unique game which combines high-altitude balloons with geocaching. It is the brainchild of the Czech non-profit association “Žádná věda” (“Not Rocket Science”) and its aim is to link science and technology with an adventure game – something we call “the magic of experiment”. Our first flight took place on November 16, 2013 with 13.000 participants. More than 220.000 viewers watched the live video streamed from the balloon to the online Czech technology magazine
The start of the 2014 Stratocaching flight is scheduled for October 25 from the ČHMU meteorological observatory Prague – Libuš. The game is open to anyone who registers on this website until October 24.

Main components of the 2014 Stratocaching flight


Weather balloon made of latex and filled with helium flies up to the stratosphere – upwards of 30 kilometers. When launching, the balloon’s diameter is about 2.5 meters and in the stratosphere it expands to roughly 13 meters.


Capsule attached to the balloon from which stratocaches are dropped. It also contains cameras and other technology.


Flying capsules shaped like large maple seeds, which are released from Dropion in the stratosphere. They float to Earth and are traced by the GPS co-ordinates they transmit. During our flight we plan to release 10 Stratocaches plus 2 so-called Stratocache X (the same design but with different technologies inside).

Mobile app

Stratocaching mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile is the basic tool for participants of the game to report the found Stratocaches.


Reward for the lucky finders is a limited edition coin along with prizes from our partners.

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